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Gesher Judaic Studies Program is based in Florida, but has moved to live online Zoom classes so students from all across the country can participate.


Jewish Literacy


Meets once a week / 45 minutes

Each week, explore the weekly Torah portion. Learn about the creation of the world, the Jewish people, and the key points in each Parsha. In this class, we discuss the stories in the Torah portion, Divrei Torah, as well as Jewish values. Every week, a parsha packet will be provided to students to review the parsha at home on Shabbat. Because this class is content-based, rather than skill-based, it is appropriate for kids in grades K-5. A separate Parsha class, geared towards older students is offered for kids in grades 4-6.

Dinim (Holidays and Jewish law)

Meets once a week / 45 minutes

Learn all about the customs and laws of upcoming Jewish holidays, as well the meaning behind each one. When there is no upcoming holiday, we’ll delve into topics such as Shabbat, Birchat HaNehenin (Brachot on food), Tefilah, and the Hebrew months. Suitable for kids in grades K-3. A separate Dinim class, geared towards older students, is offered for kids in grades 4-6.

Jewish History

Meets once a week / 40 minutes

A new class for the 2023-2024 school year, this Jewish history class will provide an overview of Biblical through modern Jewish history. Instead of learning about the Chumash stories of our forefathers in a vacuum, as we often did when we were kids, this class will explore what was happening around the world during the time period of the Chumash, so that students can understand our history within the broader context of world history. This class is geared toward older students in grades 4-7.

Hebrew Language

Hebrew Reading

Meets twice a week / 45 minutes

This class is suitable for students who can recognize Hebrew letters, but have not yet begun to read Hebrew. The students will review the Alef-Bet, learn Nekudot (vowels) and then focus on learning how to read Hebrew, as well as learn how to write letters in Hebrew script. By the end of the yearlong course, students will be reading short Hebrew stories. The next level if this class would be Hebrew 1.

Hebrew 1

Meets twice a week / 45 minutes

This class is suitable for students who can read easy Hebrew words and short sentences. We will focus on basic Hebrew comprehension, words that are commonly used in Ivrit, including things like body parts, school words, numbers, days of the week, and family words. Students will also work on writing Hebrew script and be able to move to Hebrew 2 at the end of the yearlong course.

Hebrew 2

Meets twice a week / 45 minutes

This class will cover the basics of conversational Hebrew, specifically speaking in both declarative and questioning sentences. Students will demonstrate ability to write simple and complex sentences in the present tense, learn how to write Hebrew script, and learn how to understand short Hebrew stories. Students will also develop ability to answers questions in Hebrew which reflect understanding of a passage read in a story.

Hebrew 3

Meets twice a week / 45 minutes

This class is a continuation of Hebrew 2 and will continue to review and solidify all the skills gained in Hebrew 2. More emphasis will be placed on writing short Hebrew writing samples in increasing complexity. We will also learn how to conjugate verbs in both the present and past tense, and students will grow their reading comprehension.

Chumash/Bible Classes​

Chumash 1

Meets twice a week / 45 minutes

This class is for children who read Hebrew phonetically but have never learned Chumash before. The class will focus on the mechanics of breaking apart a Pasuk, isolating prefixes, suffixes and Shorashim. For each half of the year, we will focus on a different Perek in Sefer Bereishit to build these skills. Students will be mailed a Chumash workbook before the beginning of the year.

Chumash 2

Meets twice a week / 45 minutes

This class is for children who have learned Chumash before and can move at a quicker pace than Chumash 1. Students will gain comfort reading and translating multiple Pesukim at a time, and will review key skills learned in Chumash 1, such as breaking apart a word in Chumash into its component parts to translate it. The class will also introduce the children to Rashi. Students will learn how to identify Rashi’s question and answer. We will begin the year in the second half of Bereishit and will focus on one Perek each semester to work on these skills. Students will be mailed a workbook for class before the beginning of the year.

Chumash 3

Meets twice a week / 45 minutes

This class will be taught at a higher level and move more quickly than both Chumash 1 and 2. We will move through an entire Perek within a few weeks, learning multiple Pesukim and multiple Meforshim each class. Students will also learn themes of entire episodes in the Torah. This class requires comfort with both reading and translating the Chumash text and Rashi. This year, we will be learning Sefer Shemot.


Meets once a week / 40 minutes

This class will study the early prophets and will focus on the storyline, characters, and themes of these books. The class will be geared towards older elementary students. We will be starting this year in the book of Shmuel Aleph.



Meets Monday-Thursday from 8:00-8:30 AM

This live teacher-led davening session covers the basics of morning Tefilah and is free to any enrolled Gesher students

A student should pick one class from the Hebrew class choices and one level from the Chumash class choices.

Sample Class Videos

Parsha Class - Chukas/Balak

Chumash 1 Class