Parsha, Dinim and Navi meet once a week for a 40 or 45-minute session.

All Chumash classes and Hebrew classes (including reading) meet twice a week for a  45-minute session.

Dinim, Parsha, and Chumash 1 are offered more than once (both at 2:00 PM and at 5:30 PM) to accommodate the large number of both homeschool and public school students enrolling in the classes and to keep the class sizes personal enough that every student can participate in the lesson.

Yes! A family with 2 or more children registering get a 20% discount for the second and subsequent children.
The Gesher curriculum mirrors a modern orthodox day school curriculum. As a Judaic studies teacher for many years, I have developed the curriculum to be comprehensive, while boiling down each subject to its’ key elements.

Only Chumash is divided by skill level, since certain skills are required for each level. In Parsha and Dinim, a more content-based approach is offered. After a Parsha class on Lech Lecha, a younger student will be able to tell you that Avram left his hometown for Eretz Cana’an following Hashem’s request. An older student will be able to explain to you how this act shows us Avraham Avinu’s incredible devotion to G-d.

Yes! For each family that you refer that attends Gesher, you will receive $100 off your family’s total tuition.

No. We work in workbooks together in class (in Chumash and Hebrew classes), I do on the spots checks for understanding during the lesson, and informal assessments are done using projects. Students are not required to do any formal test preparation for Gesher. Students will be asked to review daily what we learn in Chumash class, but it is not required. That daily review is important for their progress - the more you put in, the more you get out.

During the first few minutes of every lesson, I use the time to welcome each and every student to the lesson and chat for a few moments before the lesson officially starts. Also, throughout each lesson, I'll ask for students' to share experiences related to the topic we are learning. In this way, throughout the semester, students build a relationship with me and with each other. In addition, at the beginning of the school year, I will email out a class list so that you can reach out to other parents to set up Zoom dates with other students. Many students have built lasting relationships this way!
If a parent or the Gesher Director make this determination, rest assured, a full refund for any remaining classes will be given.